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Julius Streicher And His Notorious Anti-Jewish Weekly, Der Stürmer by Mark Weber

Of the men named by the Allied powers as defendants in the Nuremberg “International Military Tribunal,” the selection of Julius Streicher was one of the most difficult to justify. He had played no role whatsoever in planning or carrying out wartime policies of the Hitler regime. He was added to the list of “Major War Criminals” because of his international reputation as a vicious anti-Jewish writer, publicist and speaker, above all as publisher of the stridently anti-Semitic weekly, Der Stürmer (“The Stormer”). Citing articles that appeared in his paper, the Tribunal sentenced him to death for “Crimes Against Humanity.” During this time of heated debate about the role of “hate speech” in society, and “cancel culture” suppression of offensive writings and images, Streicher’s life and death have new relevance.

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