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US Gov’t Authorized Pandemic ‘Drills’ ‘Without Notice’ Before COVID by Robert L. Kinney III

“When one studies the government’s pandemic actions taken within the last 10 years or so, one finds that there may be much more to the COVID-19 pandemic story than what the U.S. federal government is saying.” Previous articles have discussed the possibility of the COVID-19 pandemic being either partially or completely falsified. Such an exercise would require significant planning, coordination among entities throughout the world, funding (and probably bribing), and strategic deception. Proving that the pandemic is falsified would be difficult. However, a method apparently used by intelligence analysts may be helpful. A book on strategic deception explains: “Intelligence analysts work on the assumption, however, that as an adversary moves towards his true operational goal, his preparations to do so well serve as tip-offs clarifying his intent”. There were indeed several pandemic preparation actions leading up to COVID-19 by the U.S. government that suggest the possibility – or may “serve as tip-offs” – that the U.S. government and others may have been preparing for a false pandemic or what could be called a “pandemic drill” or “pandemic operational exercise.”

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