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Christians Are White Supremacist Extremists by Philip Giraldi

The California State Board of Education has finally passed its Ethnic Studies curriculum including discussion of Jews, emphasizing their victimhood and contributions to the United States, without including any other “white” ethnicities, several of which are far more numerous than are Jewish Americans. Or perhaps the Jewish “advisers” who collaborated on creating an “acceptable” final draft do not consider themselves to be white, or is it that “chosen” status makes one racially unique? Equally unsurprising, [the Pentagon’s] DEOMI has included in its mission the assertion that those who deny the so-called holocaust are a threat to national security. A 20-page booklet entitled Holocaust Revisionism published by DEOMI’s “Research Directorate” as an education resource was written by one Captain Carlos C. Huerta, an orthodox Jewish rabbi … The booklet is intended to send the message to American military service personnel that skepticism about the standard history taught in schools regarding what happened to Europe’s Jews during World War 2 is not permissible for those in uniform.

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