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Clarence Thomas Just Took On Washington – Ohio Attorney General Sides With Him On Turning Google Into Utility by Adam Casalino

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has had a long and storied career. But up until recently, he’s been known for being mostly quiet and reserved. But in recent months, the conservative justice has become much more outspoken. He has rattled the left’s cages by frequently speaking out on critical issues facing our country. Although some people might want him quiet, he is in no way keeping his mouth shut. And we are now seeing why Democrats want him quiet. His recent remarks about Google have sparked a major lawsuit. From Daily Wire: Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has asked the court to legally declare that Google is a “public utility” in a lawsuit filed against the Big Tech giant… “Justice Thomas recently stated, ‘there is a fair argument that some digital platforms are sufficiently akin to common carriers or places of accommodation to be regulated,'” the complaint points out. Inspired by Thomas’s comments about Google, the AG of Ohio is calling on the court to make Google a “public utility.”

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