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Vaccine Euphoria by Todd Hayen PhD

How many times was it that Edison tested his light bulb before it was successful? How many times did he think it was going to work after “this one final experiment” – and it didn’t? There is no question that Edison was very clever, but this is the way of science and new discovery, and it always has been. And don’t tell me that mRNA technology has been studied for decades. That doesn’t cut it; Covid-19 had only been with us for about 9 months when the vaccines were rolled out. For one example of this corner-cutting: you can’t have results of a two-year study until two years have passed. And that isn’t a conspiracy theory. This article not meant to be an indictment against Big Pharma (there are plenty of those out there already) but it is meant to be a wakeup call to those who think it is safe to just “take your chances” and forego the fine print— assuming you can even find the fine print. So what is all the excitement about? Well, if you ask anyone who has just gotten a jab they will most likely tell you that they feel like celebrating doing their part to save the human race. They may think that is the case, but I believe the real reason is a strange, and possibly largely unconscious, belief that technology will save them from actually being human. We seem to believe that we have risen from animal status to some sort of higher, trans-human, status, or at least are on our way to that lofty position. And if we trust our scientists and others who are leading the way, we may even one day be able to transcend death itself, because death, of course, is the messiest animal thing an animal does. And we don’t want that.

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