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Three Ways Women Were Manipulated Into Having Abortions, According To A Former Worker by Sarah Terzo

In a March 25, 2021 webcast, former abortion worker Kelly Lester told her story of having an abortion at age 15, which she said “changed who I was. It changed how I felt about myself. It changed how I thought other people saw me, even though people didn’t necessarily know about it.” After the abortion, she began abusing drugs and alcohol. “[I] numbed the pain any way and every way I could. Drugs, and alcohol, and men,” she said. “I became hard and didn’t care about my life or anybody else’s life, really, for that matter.” As an adult, Lester began working at the same abortion facility where she had her abortion. Like many abortion workers, she got involved in the abortion industry with good intentions. But it didn’t take long for her to realize there were problems with the way the abortion facility treated the women it claimed to help.

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