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‘The Motherlode Of Jewish Lists’ Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Jewish Control Of American Society by The Millennium Report

The following list of articles and essays, videos and audios, websites and blogs which document the ironclad control of American society is quite comprehensive, yet by no means exhaustive. There are literally thousands of other Internet posts on this same subject matter. The historical revisionists and investigative journalists are highly encouraged to seek out those many other sources as well. The Millennium Report, together with the many other websites in our network, have posted this piece at the risk of being labeled anti-semitic. Nothing could be further from the truth as many of our key contributors are Jewish or come from the Judaic faith tradition. We fully acknowledge that there are many very good and truly righteous Jewish folks who have nothing to do with those Khazarian Zionazi Neocons who are literally destroying the world.

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