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‘If A Man Endangers Israel, He Must Stop Existing’: Mossad Chief Appears To Admit Israeli Assassinations And Blowing Up Iranian Nuclear Plant In Extraordinary TV Interview

The outgoing chief of Israel’s Mossad intelligence service has offered the closest acknowledgment yet his country was behind recent attacks targeting Iran’s nuclear program and a military scientist. The comments by Yossi Cohen, speaking to Israel’s Channel 12 investigative program ‘Uvda’ in a segment aired Thursday night, offered an extraordinary debriefing by the head of the typically secretive agency in what appears to be the final days of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rule. It also gave a clear warning to other scientists in Iran’s nuclear program that they too could become targets for assassination even as diplomats in Vienna try to negotiate terms to try to salvage its atomic accord with world powers. ‘If the scientist is willing to change career and will not hurt us anymore, than yes, sometimes we offer them’ a way out, Cohen said.

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