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Florida Rock Concert Sells $18 Tickets For Vaxxed Fans; $1,000 For Non-Vaxxed by Tyler Durden

The introduction of COVID status certificates is creating a two-tier society whereby vaxxed people enjoy their full rights and other perks, and non-vaxxed are heavily penalized. The latest example is in Florida, where a concert promoter for a future rock show this summer in Tampa Bay charges $18 per ticket for vaxxed fans and $999.99 for non-vaxxed fans, according to Tampa ABC affiliate WFTS. This is just another example of COVID creating vast inequalities among society. Vaccine status certificates could worsen social divisions wherever they are used. Those who are vaxxed can return to everyday life, while those who aren’t vaxxed will be left out in the cold. So what about the people who have recovered from the virus and have developed antibodies and have opted out of vaccines? They are also left out, despite a new study from the University in Melbourne, Australia, which provides evidence that immunity triggered by the infection will be extraordinarily long-lasting. Why can’t people who have the antibodies achieve the same status as those who have been vaxxed?

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