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Updated: Preventing And Curing Covid by Video Rebel

New Delhi cut their covid death rate 92% by giving everyone Ivermectin. In Argentina one tablet of Ivermectin was given prophylactically every week to 800 health care workers. Not one person was hospitalized with covid. Ivermectin is loved by veterinarians because it kills viruses, bacteria and parasites. It is safe. It is not approved by the CDC because it is cheap compared to their only approved treatment which is Gilead’s Remdesivir. It is very expensive and has had minimal results whereas HCQ with zinc sulfate and Ivermectin do work and are cheap. Update Two: The regional government of Andalusia in southern Spain gave everyone 1,000 IUs of vitamin D-3 daily and reduced their covid mortality by 82%. If we combined D-3 supplements and Ivermectin, we would not need masks, lockdowns and experimental mRNA injections that many believe are in fact bioweapons. More on that later.

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