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Nun Warns Don’t Take The mRNA Injection They Are Killing People (1:35)

Nun Warns Don’t Take The mRNA Injection They Are Killing People (1:35)
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One Reply to “Nun Warns Don’t Take The mRNA Injection They Are Killing People (1:35)

  1. The nuns are quite correct, these filthy vaccines are poison. In Australia the therapeutic authorities floated an idea to Covid vaccinate anyone who entered the country’s hospitals without their consent. In other words if you came into the hospital even if you were unconscious from an accident or whatever they wanted to inject you with this dangerous filth. What a country, lockdowns, banning you from working if you wanted to exercise you free will and human rights to reject this experimental drug (a policy is covertly still in force!), police opening fire on residents with rubber bullets in the state of Victoria when they peacefully protested!. Don’t nock the nuns, they got it right!.

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