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The Veterans We Dare Not Remember On Memorial Day by Michael Hoffman

I have a story to recount that is worse than dying to make the world safe for plutocracy. It’s one you won’t see in the media today, or hear out of the mouths of the politicians seeking to exploit sacred Memorial Day gatherings, for the sake of their venal ambitions and agendas. On June 8, 1967 our nation’s naval ship, the USS Liberty, was attacked by the Israeli air force for much of that horrible day. 34 of our sailors were killed. 174 were wounded. This was an intentional massacre by America’s “Israeli allies,” intended to sink the Liberty because it had military intelligence on Israeli movements during the Six Day War. The plan was to blame the Arabs of Egypt for the attack. The USS Liberty did not sink however, but its May Day calls went unanswered. Navy fighter jets, under orders from President Lyndon Johnson, were commanded to stand down as American sailors were killed and maimed. Mr. Johnson was quoted as having said, “I want that goddamned ship on the ocean floor.” Yes, Lyndon Baines Johnson was a traitor to the men of our armed forces. What lessons are to be learned from this betrayal? You’ll never know because it cannot be broached in the corporate news, on Memorial Day, Veterans Day or this coming June 8, the 54th anniversary of the slaughter. The Israeli bombing of the Liberty is kryptonite to the would-be Superman who rule us, and consequently it has been sent down the memory hole.

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