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Presidential Election Drives Home Syrian Sovereignty And Western Irrelevance Vote Could Herald A New Dawn In The Middle East by Vanessa Beeley

The West will argue that Assad winning a landslide victory, 13,540,860 votes or 95.1% is a “rigged election” because that is the only come-back they have left, aside from their rebranding of a former Al Qaeda operative as viable opposition to the Syrian presidency that has maintained stability in a country torn apart by Western regimes and their proxy mercenary forces. The number of eligible voters was 18 million, turn-out was an estimated 78%. Let us not forget that in 2012, war-hawk Hillary Clinton told the world that “Assad’s days are numbered”, Clinton also advocated a No Fly Zone in Syria in 2015, whilst admitting that such measures would bring about greater bloodshed and “would kill a lot of Syrians”. The “Assad must go” mantra is now trampled under foot by the Syrian people. World leaders who participated in the dirty war against Syria have fallen by the wayside while Assad remains, perhaps more popular than ever before.

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