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Earth Is Home To 50 Billion Birds, New Study Finds by Lucy Jones

There are six birds for every human on the planet according to new research out of UNSW. Citizen science and advanced algorithms have been used to determine the global bird population for the first time. The research, conducted by a team of scientists from the University of New South Wales, estimates that there are 50 billion individual birds on the planet. That’s six birds for every human. “Humans have spent a great deal of effort counting the members of our own species – all 7.8 billion of us,” Associate Professor Will Cornwell, ecologist and co-senior author of the study, said in a statement. “This is the first comprehensive effort to count a suite of other species.” The study found that, of the 9,700 different bird species on earth, a handful of species make up the majority of the world’s bird population with rarer birds only found in much smaller numbers. The research helps scientists understand which bird populations are currently at risk and where to focus conservation efforts.

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