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Deliveries Of Coke, Wood And Zyklon B To Auschwitz by Carlo Mattogno

Neither Proof Nor Trace for the Holocaust
In order to prove that mass exterminations in gas chambers occurred at the infamous Auschwitz Camp, mainstream historians must rely almost exclusively on eyewitness accounts. They also adduce a few documents with ambiguous contents which they take out of their historical and documental context in order to impute a homicidal meaning to them which they don’t have.After revisionist scholars pointed out this fact, and also established the highly dubious nature of these witness accounts in numerous studies, a researcher from the Polish Auschwitz Museum, Piotr Setkiewicz, tried a different approach to prove the raison d’être of his employer: In a lengthy paper, he points to documents about deliveries of firewood and coke as well as the pesticide Zyklon B to the Auschwitz Camp. The deliveries and consumption of wood and coke allegedly can be explained only by massive cremation figures compatible only with a large-scale killing program. But to come to this conclusion, ridiculously low average amounts of coke required for the cremation of a corpse in a cremation furnace have to be assumed, and even lower average amounts of wood for the burning of corpses on outdoor pyres. Neither of these amounts is even remotely physically possible. Furthermore, one has to ignore the fact that the wood and coke supplied to the camp also was used to heat hundreds of inmate housing units, in addition to camp administration buildings and SS accommodations, and also to fire the many kitchen stoves and the boiler units in various disinfestation and shower facilities.

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