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Let’s Get A Few Things Cleared Up: Testing, Cell Lines, And Fetal Tissue by José L. Trasancos, Ph.D.

Our mission is to end the use of aborted fetal tissue in scientific research. We know enough to get to work on that. Aborted fetal cell lines came from aborted fetal tissue. I see no material difference between them from a moral perspective. Fr. Matthew Schneider wrote an article in January of this year that generated much attention and discussion. In part, the article calls the reader’s attention to the ubiquity of aborted fetal cell lines in the testing of medications. The third paragraph of the article states: “Below I will list out a sample of drugs tested on HEK-293 like Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, point out errors in their reasoning, point to two ethical things we should do as Catholics, and conclude with a point on over-thinking remote cooperation in evil.” Let’s address the easy one first. It has not been common knowledge that aborted fetal cell lines are liberally and frequently used in pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter medications, artificial sweeteners and flavorings, and even some cosmetics. There are many reasons for this public ignorance but this is a topic for another day. Suffice to say that ignorance is a defense in this case. We did not know. I did not know. One cannot be inconsistent if one is not in possession of all relevant facts, especially if the facts are not easily discoverable. We know now, though.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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