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The Conditioning And Behavioral Control Of Americans Is Firmly In Place by Gary D. Barnett

Huxley’s take on the control mechanisms present many decades ago were correct, but currently in this country alone, there are hundreds of millions that are under the spell of conditioning, indoctrination, and manipulation by the very few. It takes little effort or imagination in today’s environment to see just how weak and controlled are the American people, as they don masks, close their businesses, abandon family, tattle on their neighbors, adhere to all orders given them, and idly watch as their lives are at once controlled and destroyed in open sight. This is all happening for the sake of a fraud based on needless fear. The initial step of this ‘pandemic’ plot was to test whether or not the people at large would comply with any number of idiotic and blatantly preposterous orders from above. Almost immediately, it became obvious that this population could be fooled into almost anything simply due to fear of a manufactured lie. They were ripe for takeover, and were willing to do whatever they were told, and this state of mind has changed little over the past fifteen months of physiological and psychological terror at the hands of the controlling class.

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