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Merriam-Webster Expands Definition Of ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ To Include Those Who Oppose Forced Jabs by Paul Joseph Watson

Polls suggest that’s 79% of Americans. It’s not known when the change was made, although in doing so Merriam-Webster has labeled millions of people ‘anti-vaxxers’ even if they don’t consider themselves to be anti-vaccination in principle. The expanded definition means that even those who don’t doubt the efficacy or safety of vaccines and personally take them, but simply oppose the government having the power to forcibly inject someone, are now “anti-vaxxers.” “When the Left controls the language, they control the narrative,” pointed out the Young America’s Foundation. Indeed, a poll conducted by Morning Consult in December found that only 21% of Americans supported mandatory vaccinations, which means that 79% of Americans are now anti-vaxxers, according to Merriam-Webster’s definition. “Anti-vaxxer” was the most-searched definition Wednesday on Merriam-Webster’s website,” reports RT. “Users of the site posted comments under the definition, complaining of “politics in the dictionary.” One observer said, “I, along with most of America, do not believe that trusting vaccines is synonymous with mandating them. We can’t even trust the dictionary anymore.”

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