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Why COVID Vaccines Are Dream Come True For Central Banks by Children’s Health Defense Team

Paired with the rollout of related surveillance technologies – digital tracking devices, vaccine passports, brain-machine interfaces and planet-wide 5G – COVID vaccines are a critical component of central bankers’ plan to establish a global control grid. This is unsurprising coming from a pharma-beholden and conflict-of-interest-riddled health agency like the NIH. But why are financial gurus like Jerome Powell, U.S. Federal Reserve chair – a wealthy lawyer and investment banker – also heavy-handedly making the COVID vaccines the centerpiece of their public prognostications? In a recent 60 Minutes interview, Powell returned to the COVID jabs again and again, trying to make the case that economic recovery depends on everyone getting vaccinated. Powell’s preoccupation with COVID vaccines makes little sense – unless one recognizes the growing convergence of the financial, tech, biopharmaceutical and military-intelligence sectors, as well as the “global policy coordination” being engineered by private central banks. Pilot programs that bundle biometric digital identity, vaccination and payment systems “into a single cohesive platform,” plus the aggressive worldwide push for “vaccine passports” that would make access to businesses and events contingent on proof of vaccination, provide a further hint of bankers’ ultimate vision: a surveillance-driven totalitarian system that uses new technologies to centralize economic flows – including controlling the ability to transact at the individual level.

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