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An Analysis Of Test Sticks From Covid PCR Tests By A Hospital In Slovakia Confirms Genocide

Breaking news after medical analysis: PCR tests prove to be a tool for genocide. An analysis of test sticks from COVID PCR tests by a hospital in Slovakia confirms genocide. This is a global, thoughtful and carefully prepared event! Very disturbing news from Slovakia, where hospital staff in Bratislava conducted an investigation into the PCR tests. They concluded that the cotton swab tests, which are inserted through the nose all the way to the brain, are designed to implant your body with DARPA Hydrogel. The analysis was carried out in the months of November 2020 to March 2021 on test swabs in sets: SD Biosensor, Abbott and Nadal, in an – for safety reasons – unnamed hospital laboratory in Bratislava, Slovakia. Here is the link to the full, comprehensive study in PDF format. Even a layman like me can understand this. And anyone who has at least a standard school microscope and a test microscope can verify the information, regarding the test swabs published here. All information about Test Sticks, DARPA Hydrogel, and Lithium is publicly available in scientific and business work. See the links at the bottom of the PDF document and at the bottom of this article.

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