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St. Louis County Chiropractor First In US Charged Under New [Insane] Covid-19 Act by Dori Olmos and Abby Llorico

The FTC said Dr. Eric Nepute and his company baselessly claimed Wellness Warrior products with vitamin D and zinc were scientifically proven to treat or prevent Covid-19. Eric Nepute and Quickwork LLC are facing 10 counts in federal court of violating the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act and the Federal Trade Commission Act. In its case, the FTC said Nepute and his company – which operate several Nepute Wellness Center locations in St. Louis County – baselessly claimed his products with vitamin D and zinc were scientifically proven to treat or prevent COVID-19.”I feel that I have not done anything wrong,” Nepute said in a statement to 5 On Your Side through his attorneys. “I encourage everyone to live a healthy lifestyle during this unprecedented time. My attorneys are reviewing the complaint and I have no further comments at this time.” This is the first case the FTC has brought under the new law, which was passed by Congress in 2020.

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