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The God Hypothesis, Atheism, And The Holocaust Religion (A Review Of, The God Delusion) by Paul Grubach

In his latest book, The God Delusion, Dawkins explains his atheistic outlook in great detail. “Natural Selection not only explains the whole of life,” the biologist-turned-philosopher claims, “it also raises our consciousness to the power of science to explain how organized complexity can emerge from simple beginnings without any deliberate guidance [p. 116].” In his view, the theory of divine creation has been supplanted by Darwinian natural selection, the all-embracing explanatory principle that accounts for how humanity came into existence and acquired its most salient characteristics. No one to fear controversy, Dawkins has demonstrated intellectual courage, for he has dared to critique one of the most powerful political entities in the world today, the Jewish-Zionist power elite. Recently, he said that Jews “more or less monopolize American foreign policy.” Religious Jews may be a relatively small group, but they “are fantastically successful” in lobbying the US government, he added. The reader may reject his atheism, but the evidence certainly supports his views on Jewish political power. To be expected, he was verbally attacked by prominent Jewish leaders.

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