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Anti-Trump Doctor Blames Hate Crimes Committed By Blacks Against Asians On White People by Paul Joseph Watson

Anti-Trump blue checkmark doctor Eugene Gu says the recent wave of hate crimes committed by blacks against Asians is the fault of white people. You knew it was coming. Following the attack on Asian massage parlors in Atlanta, the media contrived a narrative that “white supremacy” and white people in general were to blame for the violence. However, official crime stats show that white people are significantly underrepresented when it comes to crimes targeting American-Asians. As the Washington Examiner highlights, citing FBI statistics, whereas whites comprise 62% of the population, they committed 24% of crimes against Asians in 2018. In comparison, blacks, who comprise 13% of the population, committed 27.5% of all violent crimes against Asian Americans in 2018.

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