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The Meaning Behind Kamala’s Cackle by Andrea Widburg (Text and Videos)

The question, then, is what’s making Harris nervous when she (a) glosses over willingly campaigning with someone she accused of sexual assault, or (b) jokes about killing the president, or (c) laughs at the suffering working parents experience when their children cannot go to school? My guess is that the laughter came about for the following reasons: (a) acknowledging that she has no moral compass and was caught in a lie; (b) knowing she violated a social and legal taboo; and (c) knowing that her administration policies not only aren’t helping, but also are making it worse. That is, in every case, Kamala laughs because she’s doing something even she knows is bad and wrong. I guess it shows she has some semblance of a conscience and therefore isn’t a true sociopath. Imagine, though, when she inevitably takes over for Biden and is responsible for dealing with foreign powers. She’s going to be a disaster, signaling loudly to her opponents (Putin, Xi, the mullahs) that she’s lying, doing something wrong, or is about to make things much worse.

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