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FBI Attempts To Recruit Former Green Beret To Infiltrate Oath Keepers (2:04:43)

FBI Attempts To Recruit Former Green Beret To Infiltrate Oath Keepers (2:04:43)
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Judge Denies Bail To Jeremy Brown – Former Green Beret Was Arrested Thursday After He Earlier Refused FBI Request To Be Informant Plant At January 6 Rallies
On Thursday afternoon at 3:45 PM Eastern, the FBI raided retired Army Ranger Jeremy Brown’s home and arrested Jeremy. The charge was trespassing. We were notified the next morning by his family and an attorney. The FBI searched their house, RV, and trailer. Then they arrested Jeremy and took him away. Jeremy Brown NEVER entered the US Capitol on January 6. His crime was in reality refusing to be an FBI informant as we describe below. The FBI sent 20 vehicles for his arrest. DHS and Pinellas County law enforcement were also present. The FBI was in Jeremy’s home for 5-and-a-half hours looking for evidence. We were told the FBI did not read Jeremy his rights. As we reported months ago, Jeremy Brown refused to be an informant for the dirty FBI – They wanted him to be one of their plants at the Jan. 6 Trump rallies. He refused So they stormed his home at 3:45 PM on Thursday and arrested him on bogus misdemeanor charges.
by Jim Hoft

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