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How Palace Historian Spun Victory As Defeat by Michael Walsh

The American-born Joyce goes on to reveal: ‘Anyhow, I have never seen such an ovation given to any human being as Chamberlain received when he returned to London with the Munich agreement in his pocket. The people were enraptured. Grown men and women were crying with joy. As the Prime Minister drove through London from Hammersmith to Downing Street, the roaring of applause could be heard miles away from his route. Traffic was paralysed for hours: and in the dim light of the Churches, mothers and wives knelt down to pray in devout gratitude to their Maker that they had been spared the tragedy of another war. All reserve was abandoned. Complete strangers talked to one another like old friends, and it felt for a day as if the Kingdom of Heaven had come on earth. So much for the common people: The ordinary people, the people who would really have suffered if war came.

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