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President Magufuli Dead At 61 by Off Guardian

A Corporate Coup Has Removed Tanzania’s “Covid Denying President”, And Nobody Should Be Surprised. After weeks of being out of the public eye, Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has died age 61, according to the country’s Vice President. The global press are reporting the death of Tanzania’s “Covid denying President” with barely disguised glee. So what now for the East African nation? Well presumably Magufuli’s successor – be it the Vice-President, or a hastily elected new leader (perhaps the head of the opposition, given so many column inches in recent weeks) – will take the reins of the country. Will they continue their predecessor’s “Covid denying” policies? I would be astounded. If what happened in Burundi last summer is any guide, the Tanzanian Covid approach will be totally reversed within a day or two of the President dying.

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