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The New America: Bio-‘Ethics,’ Death Panels, And Killing Babies And The Old by Gary D. Barnett

If the masses were to look around at the reality that is staring them in the face, they would have to come to the conclusion that individual life is no longer thought to be sacred, it is not worth protecting, and it should be respected only in the sense of utilitarian necessity. These observations do not yet fully consume the total population, but do consume the minds of those currently guiding and controlling this population. In other words, the “new normal” sought is one where the sanctity of life is no longer a driving force of moral behavior, but is seen as a privilege only for those considered worthy of it by the technocratic few. Depopulation is alive and well, but controlling all that are left in this society after the culling of the undesirables, is being pursued with the same vigor. The end result of such agenda driven policies would be the death of the old, weak, mentally unstable, newborns, and of course all dissenters that question this tyranny. Once this democide can be accomplished, the control of the rest could be achieved by the destruction of mind and body through ‘vaccination,’ and brute force by the henchmen of the state. All that would remain would be the ruling class, those that were robotic transhuman statists, and a population of slaves. Freedom is the essence of life; it is not a state of mind or a privilege. It comes from no constitution or bill of rights, or any government decree. It is inherent in the souls of man, and if not defended, it will forever be lost. To live free means that each must be willing to defend his freedom at all cost, even death. Americans are now prisoners of their own making, so the choice is clear; either fight to remove the shackles that bind you, or remain a slave to your chosen masters.

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