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The Laboratory For All Things Tyrannical by Chuck Baldwin

Upon the advent of the 21st century, the U.S. began a concerted effort to create a tyrannical police state society. Socialist Europe and former free countries such as Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia began this effort during the last half of the 20th century and are now deeply in the throes of advancing authoritarianism. And the U.S. is fast catching up. Tragically, the vast majority of Christians and conservatives seem to be oblivious to America’s flirtations with police state tyranny. Not only do the vast majority of Christians and conservatives seem to not recognize the dangers of such a condition, they are among the most vocal supporters for the vehicles that are transporting us into that condition. America’s conservatives’ infatuation with our military and police has blinded them to the way that totalitarians in government (within both major parties) are using our police and military for ever-increasing acts of tyrannical behavior. This is one reason why I keep saying that it is far more important whom you elect as your county sheriff than whom you elect as president. The other thing that Christians and conservatives are oblivious to is the sheer evil of Zionism. It is fair to say that without their enthusiastic-and blind-support for Zionist Israel, the wicked power and influence of Zionism would not exist. I realize that many people wish I would leave this subject alone, as it makes them very uncomfortable to have to deal with it. But I spent over three decades proclaiming doctrinal error regarding the subjects of both Biblical Israel and modern (faux) Israel. I’ve since repented of that error, and I am now resolved to spend the rest of my life proclaiming the truth of this subject regardless of cost.

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