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How COVID-19 Vaccine Can Destroy Your Immune System by Dr. Joseph Mercola

According to a study that examined how informed consent is given to COVID-19 vaccine trial participants, disclosure forms fail to inform volunteers that the vaccine might make them susceptible to more severe disease if they’re exposed to the virus. Previous coronavirus vaccine efforts – including those for SARS, MERS and RSV – have revealed a serious concern: The vaccines have a tendency to trigger antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). ADE means that rather than enhance your immunity against the infection, the vaccine actually enhances the virus’ ability to enter and infect your cells, resulting in more severe disease than had you not been vaccinated. Lethal Th2 immunopathology is another potential risk. A faulty T cell response can trigger allergic inflammation, and poorly functional antibodies that form immune complexes can activate the complement system, resulting in airway damage. There’s evidence showing the elderly – who are most vulnerable to severe COVID-19 and would need the vaccine the most – are also the most vulnerable to ADE and Th2 immunopathology.

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