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UPDATED: Election Day! by Off-Guardian

Trump held leads in five undeclared states – Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina – when all five stopped (or dramatically slowed) counting votes. Since then, a surge of postal votes wiped out Trump’s lead in Wisconsin, giving the Biden the state by as few as 6000 votes. Early in the morning CNN’s rolling coverage map suddenly attributed 138,339 votes to Biden in Michigan, without recording a single vote Trump or any of three independent candidates ( Nate Silver’s statistics and analysis website has been plotting the votes on graphs. Both Wisconsin and Michigan have sudden, vertical jumps for Biden at around 4am. It has been suggested that these are counties returning their results en masse,, which is technically possible, but if that were the case you’d expect a corresponding jump for Trump, even the most Democrat friendly areas of the country don’t give Biden 100% of their votes. The best illustration of just how bizarre these events are, is the reaction of the CNN anchors. Watch how they handle Biden suddenly getting 109,000 new votes, and totally wiping out Trump’s 4 point lead in Wisconsin in an instant.

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