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Mailchimp Makes Its Censorship Rules Official, Outlines Right To Ban Users For “Inaccurate” Content by Didi Rankovic

Customers who use Mailchimp in their business have a new arbiter of truth to contend with. With all the talk about misinformation and disinformation, one fundamental question always remains unanswered: based on what criteria are decisions to dismiss content as misleading or false actually made? There is strong and lingering suspicion, especially among those continuously targeted with such censorship on social media but also on other online services, that “misinformation” is often simply something these companies don’t like for political or ideological reasons – and labeling content in that way makes it easy to get rid of, but also justify that action as not simply blatant suppression of speech. At least Mailchimp, a US email and marketing automation service – doesn’t even try to pretend there is some objective, consensus-based way in determining what’s false and what’s true. Instead, they’re saying what many others in the tech industry are thinking and doing: “misinformation” is simply what we decide it is, because we can.

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