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Baby Lives Matter Painted Outside Planned Parenthood by John Wesley Reid

“My name is Tayler Hansen. I’m making this video to raise awareness of one of the most egregious human rights violations that has not been properly addressed. In 2019, abortion was the leading cause of death worldwide. Almost 43 million children were denied the most basic right of all…life. Which is why I felt incline to demonstrate a true peaceful protest dedicated to those abandoned without a voice.”

“Thou shalt not kill.
Is there something people don’t understand about that?
I do not believe in killing, whether it be capital punishment or abortion.
There have been about 60,000,000 abortions in the United States,
since Roe v Wade in 1973.
Perhaps we should have informative sexual education classes,
and contraceptives for all.
Perhaps people should live up to their obligations,
instead of using abortions as an easy way out.
Because abortion not only murders the fetus who has no say in the matter,
but also does significant psychological harm to the mother.
And now a new demonic low,
Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts from the abortions they provide.”
Mark R. Elsis

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