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7/7 Ripple Effect by Anthony J. Hill (Muad’Dib) (2007) (56:56)

7/7 Ripple Effect by Anthony J. Hill (Muad’Dib) (2007) (56:56)
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Director: Anthony J. Hill (Muad’Dib)
Released: November 5, 2007
7/7: Ripple Effect highlights a major discrepancy that happened in reference to the London Bombings on July 7, 2005. It questions why were no CCTV footage of the four Muslims boarding the tube-trains had been released byVerint,anIsraeli company which was responsible for the CCTV surveillance cameras in the London Underground rail network. Verint claimed that their cameras were not working; but this revealing documentary reasons out that this happened because the four Muslims were not on the tube-trains that blew up! This film compels viewers to see beyond what is shown and then conclude for themselves.

J For Justice

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