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“Secure Tolerance”: The Jewish Plan To Permanently Silence The West, Part 1 by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

There are essentially two forms of censorship. The hard kind we are very familiar with. It consists in the banning or removal of websites, videos, books, podcasts, and social media accounts. It extends to defunding and deplatforming, and it reaches its apogee in the banning of activists from entering certain countries, in the arrest of […]

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Big Brother Zuckerberg by Mike Walsh

As Shyu begins his story, ‘I am exiled just because you didn’t like something I said. For 10 years I said all great things and then one time I say something that you may not necessarily like, you disable my entire account and I lose access to all the past 10 years information. And, there’s […]

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BlackRock – The Jewish Company That Owns A Lot Of The World (2:03)

BlackRock – The Jewish Company That Owns A Lot Of The World (2:03) (To view full screen click the link below.) Meet BlackRock, The New Great Vampire Squid BlackRock is a global financial giant with customers in 100 countries and its tentacles in major asset classes all over the world; and it now manages […]

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Meet The New Neighbors Democrats Are Sending Your Way by Video Rebel

The Democrat’s 2020 platform negotiated by Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders calls for granting instant citizenship and voting rights to 32 million illegal aliens. Of course as soon as plans for instant citizenship are announced millions of people from Latin America to Asia to the Mideast and Africa will head to America to get in […]

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If The ‘New Normal’ Is Not Paranoid and Totalitarian Enough For You, Don’t Worry – It’s Just Getting Started by CJ Hopkins

So, how are you enjoying the “New Normal” so far? Is it paranoid and totalitarian enough for you? If not … well, hold on, because it’s just getting started. There is plenty more totalitarianism and paranoia still to come.

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DARPA’s Cocktail Menu Of Brave New World Human Control by Russ Winter

The “natural person” – as opposed to some contrived invention called a “trans-human” – has a right to be left unmolested by Crime Syndicate psychopaths who are determined to drive them like herds to market and cram an agenda of political domination disguised as scientific “advancements” down their throat.

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New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Now Oppose Black Lives Matter by Paul Joseph Watson

Numbers have flipped since early June. The survey, conducted by Civiqs, shows that in early June, 44 per cent of Americans supported BLM and 34 per cent opposed it. However, those numbers have now changed, with 41 per cent supporting BLM and 44 per cent opposing the movement.

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Chronic Corruption Part III: President Stands Against CDC by Ty and Charlene Bollinger

There is currently a battle being waged for our nation’s safety, prosperity, and independence. This battle has put brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, and American against fellow Americans. This battle is between good and evil… and we need to work together if we’re going to win.

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UN Unleashes Army Of Trolls To Shut Down Opposition by Dr. Joseph Mercola

The United Nations has enlisted 10,000 “digital volunteers” to rid the Internet of so-called “false” information that’s supposedly worsening the COVID-19 pandemic.